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ARKIVET 06.07–27.08.2022

On Wednesday, 6th of July at 16:30 the Norwegian collective ARKIVET will open their group exhibition ICE COLD on A-Gallery WINDOWS. The exhibition will stay up until the 28th of August.

In their latest exhibition project, the artist group ARKIVET explores the theme ICE COLD. ICE COLD can refer to temperature, weather or food and drink. But when ARKIVET’s members examine the expression in dialogue with each other, a number of interpretations and reflections emerge. 

In her project “Preservation of Dreams for the future”, Putte H. Dal has taken inspiration from Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a secure storage for seed collected from across the world, built in the permafrost. Associations with tactile and emotional interactions to the cold are some of what Ella Heidi Sand refers to in her work, while Hilde Dramstad bases her work on a specific event on January 1, 2022, where she walked through a landscape marked by the New Year celebration and found hope in form of confetti in the snow – remnants after a joyful party. Camilla Luihn has an associative and poetic commentary on the theme in the form of a series of enameled hands, “Love Letters”, inspired by a complex and contradictory relationship to interpersonal connections and emotions. 

With this project, ARKIVET expresses a collective statement about the present-day and the complex period we live in. 

ARKIVET is a Norwegian artist group formed in 2014 and consisting of Putte H. Dal, Hilde Dramstad, Camilla Luihn and Ella Heidi Sand. Four jewellery artists, each with their own artistic character. Together they have a material understanding, craftsmanship, artistic perception and a conceptual theme-based approach to the subject that materializes in contemporary jewellery – shown in both national and international arenas.

ARKIVET examines, with individual works, different angles for how jewellery can function as a dialogue-creating medium in our society today. The projects develop through discussion and exploration, and with a common desire to bring jewellery as an art expression into the present. For example, ideological, socialist, capitalist, or ecological values can be analyzed and processed through jewellery into artistic expressions that aid in reflection.

ARKIVET works in both small and large show rooms. ARKIVET works with the exhibitions as installation and scenography so that the space is activated, and the audience is invited to move from the overall impression to the small details in each work. The materials of the jewellery, the language of the design and the narrative content, thematize concepts in interaction with a site-specific exhibition design.
To see works from previous projects, see the website of ARKIVET.