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Ene Valter 28.04–22.05.2017

“This year’s exhibition ON BLACK AND WHITE is my third solo exhibition in A-Gallery. At the exhibition I exhibit silver necklaces and processes. The shades given with dark oxide give the jewellery even more airiness and they are exposed on black. Alongside them are jewellery with amber and high-temperature enamels, which with their discreet color range are suitable for display in both black and white. Repeating individual finished details, breaking them down, putting them together in a new way, creating new shapes and forms again, this is the game of creating the jewellery of this exhibition. ” Ene Valter.

Ene Valter graduated from the Estonian National Institute of Art in 1977. She has been exhibiting since 1978. She is a member of the Estonian Artists ‘Union and the Metal Artists’ Union. She is also one of the founders of the ON Group and A-Gallery. Ene Valter has twice chaired the board of A-Gallery. From 1997 until today, she is a member of the board and CEO of OÜ ARS Vasetööd.

As a daily employee at ARS Vasetööd, Ene Valter mainly designs and produces decorations and medals. She has designed and prepared dozens of offices for university rectors, association presidents and mayors.

A-Gallery is a gallery offering professional Estonian jewellery art that has been operating in the Old Town of Tallinn for 23 years. Various exhibitions by both Estonian and foreign artists will take place in the historical Vault, located in the gallery’s premises, in the place of valued jewellery exhibitions.