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Erle Nemvalts 22.08–12.09.2020

Erle Nemvalts’ exhibition SOURCES OF VIRTUE was chosen as the best VAULT exhibition of A-Gallery in 2020.

The exhibition, titled SOURCES OF VIRTUE, ponders upon the evergreen search for ethical modes of existence in uncertain contemporary times.

“Throughout times people have been striving towards universal virtuousness. Despite that, it is very difficult to find a domain of human activity, where ethical or moral compromises are not being made in favour of some specific group. Time after time, the interests of narrow groups have been wreaking havoc on both themselves and their surroundings. Yet this is nothing new. Mankind has often been on the brink of destruction, but somehow managed to survive, and will likely do so in the future. The question is not in survival, but rather in the core values of continued existence.” – Nemvalts, Erle, on the quest for sources of virtue, 2020.

Erle Nemvalts is a jewellery artist pursuing master’s degree in Estonian Academy of Arts. Her works are mainly concentrated on patterns and peculiarities of human behaviour. Her works have been exhibited in several group exhibitions both in Estonia as well as abroad, in 2019 she received the special prize of Young Jewellery Foundation. SOURCES OF VIRTUE is her second solo exhibition.

Supporters: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Suhkruingel. Special thanks to: Cathrin Kaldmaa, Kaur Virkebau, Riina Kütt, Urmas Nemvalts, Valdek Laur.