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Annika Kedelauk, Anneli Oppar, Tarvo Porroson, Fred Truus 16.05–06.06.2020

Annika Kedelauk

“Süsimus” is a fictional word, which is the symbiosis of Estonian words “inside” (sisemus), “in me” (minus), “boredom” (tüdimus) and “pitch black” (süsimust). These are walks along rocks, inside rocks and between rocks. I’m like water, which explores, but more fierce and impatient. Sometimes I force myself straight through, sometimes I come back, sometimes I’ll approach from another angle. You cannot go around. As a result, rocks sometimes throw splinters, tensions develop and release, both in me and in the rocks. What I leave behind is air and light or bolts.

Annika Kedelauk received her BA of Jewellery and Blacksmithing from Estonian Academy of Arts in 2010 and has been on exchange in Barcelonas’ Escola Massana Centre d’Art i Disseny in 2009. In 2015 she followed a course in stone polishing led by Alexander Friedrich in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, sparking the inspiration for the current exhibition. Annika Kedelauk is a member of the Estonian Artists Association since 2012 and is part of the artist group OTSE!. Her works are in the collections of Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, the Estonian Academy of Arts and in the collection of international contemporary jewellery art at Legnica Art Gallery in Poland. 

Anneli Oppar

Time passes by… sometimes we get lost in our thoughts. Steps help to measure the personal perception of time. I have used digital technology as steps.

In my work I am thinking whether digital processes can be experienced. Also, are they similar to the way we are experiencing time? Natural patterns with their characteristic nonlinear movements are supporting the process of describing the human perception of time. Nonlinear time is perceived for instance when we are wandering in our thoughts. I compare such perceptions about time to digital processes.

The subject of the current research started from the wish to describe the time spent in the countryside in summer. A circular drop as a memory from summer is treated as an abstract image.

Anneli Oppar (b. 1980) is a jewellery artist who lives and works in Tallinn. She earned her Bachelor’s (2013) and Master’s (2019) degree in Jewellery from the Estonian Academy of Arts and received the Young Jewellery Artist Award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment from Roman Tavast OÜ. Her field of research is related to digital processes, as she uses digitality as a tool to describe something personal, that is difficult to measure – perception of time. Creating her works she uses 3D printing technology and experiments with various materials. Anneli Oppar has participated in exhibitions in Estonia and abroad since 2012.

Tarvo Porroson

Necropsy of the power source of the vehicle (IŽ 412IE) that provided a near-death experience on the morning of the author’s birthday.

Tarvo Porroson (b. 1989) graduated from Vana-Vigala Technical and Service School with a degree in blacksmithing (2009), after which he started studying at the Estonian Academy of Arts in the Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing. Porroson values reuse in personal creation. He has mostly worked as a freelancer both in Estonia and abroad, creating jewellery, forgings, sculptures, design furniture and mechanisms. Porroson won 2nd place in the design competition “Men’s Thing” organized by the Estonian Designers’ Union (2013) and participated in the III joint exhibition on recycling “Give New Life” in Pärnu Museum of New Art (2015)

Fred Truus

Fred Truus is a metal artist, who finds inspiration in the flow of molten steel. 

His recent showcase window exhibition ‘Iron Cure’ in A-Gallery reflects the fear in the current world and hectic search for solutions. The society has been overtaken by a constant buzz, concealing a tense infection, seeking for an iron cure. 

Fred’s sculptures are created in flame and fire and shaped with the hammer. His works are made from new and recycled steel. Through bricolage he gives new life to dead and abandoned materials.  Fred has successfully participated in national public art competitions, his works have been exhibited in Italy, USA, UK, Sweden, Germany and Estonia. He is a Fulbright scholar who gained his blacksmith arts BA degree at Estonian Academy of Arts and his MA at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.