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Kristiina Laurits

In the book “The happy few: Jewellery and objects” – Kristiina Laurits (Tallinn 2017) I was born in Tallinn on the last day of winter in 1975. I began my art training early – in primary school. At the end of high school in 1993 in a confusion resulting from some strange euphoria I found myself sitting entrance exams for the metal department at Tallinn Art University. In answer to the question presented by the teachers at the time ‘Why jewellery?’ the answer was simple, ‘Diamonds are forever’. My studies in jewellery brought me into contact with Kadri Mälk, who taught her students the art of walking on the edge of shadows and to always look behind things. I learned about true dedication to work and respect for materials from our blacksmithing teacher Heinz Müller, with whom in the early hours of the morning I hammered iron in the university’s blacksmithing workshop. In October 1999, the first exhibition of jewellery under the name Spatial Palace (Kadri Mälk, Piret Hirv, Eve Margus-Villems, Villu Plink, Tanel Veenre, Katrin Sipelgas) took place at Marzee Gallery in the Netherlands. This cooperation, which started from a shared chemistry, still continues today.

Artist talk in Kristiina Laurits’s studio 23.03.2020 “Depending on the time and situation, bread may have the same value as gold and diamonds.”

The exhibition can be viewed on the gallery windows until 10th of May 2020.