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Maiu Mooses 21.10–13.11.2017

Meeting and joy, carried by clarity. “Today I recognized myself,” said a woman before her death to her son. Silent understanding was born together with the storyteller.

The word “close” came to me two years ago. First the title of the exhibition was born. Then this was put on hold and started a life of its own. In the initial phase of planning the exhibition I observed a log, received as a gift from Pille. Its surface had a wavy movement. The pieces cut from the log showed me the direction. During the process I made several sketches that I gradually dropped and moved on. New forms developed while following my own life and activities.

Thanks to: Kaili-Angela Konno, Kirsti Tuum, Pille Õnnepalu, Markus Pau, Indrek Roos, Riho Loorits, Sirje Rohtla.