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Serena Holm, Hanna Liljenberg, Lena Lindahl, Anna Norrgrann, Paula Lindblom, Mona Wallström 25.08–23.10.2021

Treasures from the Sea is an exhibition about man’s relation to the sea.

Sodium, potassium and calcium are carried in our veins. We have that in common with all the fish, amphibians, reptiles, warm-blooded birds and mammals. It is a salty stream combined in almost the same proportions as in seawater. Life on Earth arose in the ancient sea. When we once left our original home to live our lives on land we took the sea with us inside our bodies. We still carry it.

Man’s relation to the sea accommodates a gamut of feelings and thoughts. We are drawn to it, yet we know little about it. 80% of its wonders and mysteries are still waiting for us. It triggers our imagination and fear. No one is untouched.

This exhibition is about man’s relation to the sea spoken through the art of jewellery. Six Swedish jewellers invite you to their realms of jewellery, to explore and ponder. These are their treasures from the sea.

Treasures from the Sea was shown in Paris during the international jewellery triennial Parcours Bijoux 2020 where it became a highly appreciated exhibition. As a complement to the exhibition the book with the same title is available. It gives an even deeper approach to the subject and in it the jewellers describe their work and process. The foreword is written by Anders Omstedt, professor emeritus in oceanography, the author of ”A Philosophic View of the Ocean and Humanity”.

The grand opening of TREASURES FROM THE SEA will take place on August 25th at A-Gallery in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden.⁠

Serena Holm
Serena often works with myths and tales as a theme. In this project the mermaid is her main figure. In a series of necklaces she interprets the mermaid from different cultures. The three sirens from the Greek myths are here, so is the Korean legend about Sinjike and the one about the West African Mami Wata. Her jewellery is made of silver, gemstones and porcelain.

Hanna Lijenberg
Over the years Hanna has developed her own very personal expression in her use of paper in her jewellery. For this project she has especially looked closer at lichens. These small and super strong species that live where sea and land meets have inspired her to a series called Symbioses. The name comes from the symbiotic partnership of algae and fungus. The pieces are made of silver and paper, paint and lacquer.

Lena Lindahl
The underwater forests of kelp and eelgrass and the complexity of the ecosystems of the coral reefs have given her inspiration to her necklaces with tanned fish leather from Iceland. She also lets you meet the sea elephant, the grey seal, the sea leopard and many more in her seal colony of etched brooches in silver.

Anna Norrgrann
Anna’s works are about the importance of weight. It is about the plumbs that with their weight pull downwards to touch the ocean floor and measure the depth of the sea. They are reminders of the other direction than the one shown by the waves. The pendants have been given their forms inspired of old plumbs.

Paula Lindblom
Paula has worked with plastic waste from the oceans in her jewellery for many years. For this exhibition she has made jewellery for the modern mermaid. What would she adorn herself with when she goes on holiday to the floating island of plastic waste that has aroused? Paula’s works bear the traces of environmental issues, of feminism and the inspirations of marine life.

Mona Wallström
Mona remembers swimming in lukewarm waters in the late summer nights with the glittering sea fire surrounding her body. She has dived deep down into the wonderfully detailed illustrations of Ernest Haeckel and created a whole new world of her own of diatoms and zooplankton. She calls them Sea-crets and they are all brooches in titanium.