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Vaida Suits 90


The 90th anniversary exhibition of Vaida Suits VAIDA SUITS will be opened together with two WINDOW exhibitions in the VAULT of A-Gallery on Friday, January 14 at 18:00. The exhibition will be open until February 8.

Vaida Suits is a legendary Estonian jewellery artist who celebrated her 90th jubilee on November 11 last year. As the most important exhibition space for local jewellery and metal art, A-Gallery has had the honor and joy of organizing this anniversary exhibition of Vaida Suits. The exhibition passes through Vaida’s great works from the 1960s to 1982.

In this exhibition we see Vaida’s journey as an artist, which begins in her childhood in the 1930s, when her mother’s love of handicrafts was passed on to her daughter. After studying at ERKI, Vaida worked as a steel engraver at the ARS Art Products Factory for 10 years, being the only woman in this position. From 1966 to 1993, she worked as an artist in ARS-Juveel Fine Metal Studio, where, in addition to individual series, she also produced important commissioned work for Estonian and Soviet institutions.

Vaida’s distinctive style as a jewellery artist is recognisable by the use of Art Nouveau lines and a detailed oriental filigree technique known as the Cat Tail, that’s polished to perfection. During her long and productive life, Vaida Suits has participated in exhibitions from the Balkans to Norway and Italy to Mongolia. Her works are in the Moscow Museum of Applied Arts and the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, among others, as well as in several private collections. Vaida’s uniqueness is also reflected in the fact that, as a jewellery artist her work was recognized in 1968 in the fashion circuit in London, which was quite unprecedented considering the conditions of the Soviet Occupation.

As one of the founders and shareholders of A-Gallery, Vaida’s work has always been represented in the gallery. The last of Vaida’s works in the gallery was sold in 2021.

The designer of the exhibition is jewellery artist Mari Pärtelpoeg, the coordinator of the exhibition is Helle Ly Tomberg and the compilers of the catalog accompanying the exhibition are Paula Hõbe and Johanna Maria Mängel.

A-Gallery would like to thank the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn City Museum, Estonian Artists’ Union, Ketli Tiitsar, Madis Kurss, Marita Lumi, Sille Kima and Ellington Print for their help with this exhibition.