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These are the sounds of hatching.


A flash SURPRISE EGG EXHIBITION is taking place at A-Galerii. We kindly ask you not to lay around at home but to come immediately here to see the spherical creations of our artists. From the exhibition, you can purchase both an IRON EGG, a SILVER EGG, and a GOLDEN EGG. Some of the artworks guarantee a first-place finish in an home egg-knocking competition, while others serve as talismans, bestowing the tranquility of inner peace upon life.

Participating artists:

Adolfas Šaulys, Ane Raunam, Caius Kull, Edgar Volkov, Ene Valter, Henry Mardisalu, Ivar Kaasik, Ive Maria Köögard, Kadi Kübarsepp, Kalle Kotselainen, Katrin Kosenkranius, Katrin Veegen, Keesi Kapsta, Krista Laos, Liina Lelov, Mari Pärtelpoeg, Merike Balod, Raili Vinn, Sille Luiga, Sven Tali, Ülle Mesikäpp, Ülle Voosalu, Vello Lillemets ja Viktorija Lillemets.

Curated by Sille Luiga

The SURPRISE EGG EXHIBITION can be visited from March 11 in the showroom of A-Galerii and the exhibition will remain open until April 30, 2024. We are grateful for spreading the word!

Eggs can also be found in our e-shop under the EGG category.

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“Sometimes life seems as short to us as a flight of a butterfly. You have barely time to spread your wings before the evening arrives. Butterflies are delicate and fragile, the glide by in a dance and have no awareness of the imminent end… That lack of care they live with is a thing to envy. Butterflies make even the most beautiful flower more so. Memories of childhood… At my Grandma´s the kids could earn five kopeks for every moth caught. It was a profitable acivity… I remember a miraculously beautiful butterfly on the island of Malta landing on a field of potatoes…” – Merike Balod

God happens.
On a wing of a butterfly.
The world’s hieroglyph.

(Doris Kareva, Mandragora)