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The Vault Room exhibitions 2018

A-gallery represents Estonian professional jewellery art and offers artists free exhibition space in gallery’s Vault Room as well as possibility to sell jewellery in main hall.
Vault Room is an exhibition space consisting of 5,2 square meters in the heart of the gallery where jewellery artists of various age and nationality have introduced their work since 2005. Exposition changes once in four weeks that makes about 13 exhibitions a year. The general purpose of the exhibitions held in Vault Room is to introduce both classic jewellery art and fresh ideas as well as new approaches to art jewellery.
Vault Room exhibitions in 2018:

1. 19.01.–19.02. Harry Tensing
2. 23.02.–26.03. Kadi Kübarsepp
3. 30.03.–30.04. Ivar Kaasik
4. 04.05.–04.06. Pilvi Tammoja
5. 08.06.–09.07. Hanna Ryynanen
6. 13.07.–13.08. Sanna Nuutinen, Kaisa Vuorinen
7. 17.08.–17.09. Dot Melanin & Dana Seachuga
8. 21.09.–22.10. Erle Nemvalts
9. 26.10.–26.11. Raili Vinn
10. 30.11.–31.12. Marita Lumi