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Message by Jewellery – Homage to Domestic Jewellery Art

A-Gallery that represents the crème de la crème of Estonian jewellery artists welcomes everyone to pay homage to domestic jewellery art – during May 14 to 18 the gallery offers everyone the possibility to write some good thoughts or wishes to one’s most favourite local jewellery artist whereas all the messages will be forwarded to the artists by the gallery.

Your messages are welcome to be long and elaborated, however a simple “Thank you!” will also make the recipient surely happy. The purpose of the present call is to acknowledge the wonderful jewellery artists in Estonia and to appreciate the unique skills used for creating every original piece of jewellery. Considering today’s speed and extensiveness of electronic communication a handwritten, authentic message is especially appropriate for acknowledging the wonderful artisan pieces.

We recommend to take a look at your personal jewellery collection – perhaps there is a special piece that you have always cherished and fyou have always wanted to forward your gratitude to its author but you have never had the chance to do that. Why not grab the chance and write down some questions for the authors that you have always dreamed of asking.

A-Gallery invites you to drop by during May 14-18 to write down your thoughts. We take care that the messages will reach the artists.

May 17th and 18th will have a special meaning, we will let you know about the details soon!